Who is Orenda?

Based in Vancouver, BC, Orenda Botanicals is an ethics-driven health and wellness company that provides high-quality, sustainable topical hemp body care products. Orenda represents the idea that there is life within everything. Every object in this world has its own energy that we can absorb and benefit from.

Our Vision

It's Simple.

The team at Orenda Botanicals is dedicated to providing our customers with safe, high quality, sustainable hemp products. We promote the benefits of using plant-based topical alternatives. We whole heartedly believe in the power of intention, which we channel through our selection of all-natural, cruelty-free hemp infused body care products that we curate for you, our valued customer. Our products are infused with blends of medicinal herbs and organic botanical extracts that help you aid your everyday physical ailments.

Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to provide relief to others through our selections of 100% natural topical hemp body care products; helping us all collectively live healthier, happier and higher quality lives. We all deserve to live a life where we are the best versions of ourselves, and we believe that starts with feeling your GREATEST.

Experience true healing with Orenda. We are here for you.