What time in the day should you take CBD?

What time in the day should you take CBD?

When to Take CBD, and Why it Matters for Your Health

When using CBD, it’s important to know how your body responds to treatment and what times to take, or apply are best for you. You can take CBD any time of day, but there are a couple of things to consider as you find your routine.

While CBD can provide you with energy, a  common side effect is drowsiness. If you’re planning on using CBD for body pain, aching, and headaches, taking it at night can benefit your health due to its properties that help with better sleep. It all depends on what works for your body best. When trying CBD for the first time, it is recommended to use it during a period where you have time to relax. This is just so you can get accustomed to how it makes you feel, and what it does for your body. 

Like any medical product, CBD can have different effects depending on the user. When “trialling” CBD during a chill down-time, you’ll be able to figure out how your body responds to it. Some people become drowsy with the use of CBD products, while others feel energized. Using CBD in accordance to how your body reacts, like taking it at night if it makes you feel drowsy or relaxed and day if it gives you energy, can result in a healthy and happy lifestyle aside from the pain relieving properties.

It’s important to use CBD at the right times for the effects, so it works with your schedule instead of against it - while providing you with the treatment you need. Different products may have different outcomes for your body and health, so the down time would come in handy when wanting to switch or add a CBD product to your collection. 

For energizing CBD products, try taking these after breakfast or lunch time. The energy you get from the CBD and a full meal is the perfect combo for a great start to the day, helping with productivity as well as the way your body feels during the rest of your day. This is much more beneficial than using CBD at random times. Work with the effects, not against them. And of course for the products that cause drowsiness, while using them at night time can promote a better and healthier sleep, there's nothing wrong with using these products if you’re relaxing after a long day of work but not quite ready to go to bed. 

At Orenda Botanicals, we carry a variety of CBD products to suit your various everyday needs. From pain, to insomnia, and anxiety, CBD products can assist with your health and wellbeing. Remember only use CBD to the limits of your comfortable, and on a schedule that benefits your body and overall health.

When used to their full potential, CBD products can serve as a great health remedy as well as cure for headaches, muscle pain, soreness, and inflammation. Certain types of CBD have different effects on everyone, so always keep that in mind when trying a new, or even your first, oil.

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