5 Skin Conditions Treated With CBD Oil & Topicals

5 Skin Conditions That Can Be Improved with CBD

5 skin condition treatments using CBD oil & topicals

CBD oil and topicals can be an effective way to treat inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. CBD oil and topicals can be applied directly to the skin, consumed, or they can be incorporated into self-care products, like body and bath products. While research is still in its infancy, studies are already showing the many benefits of CBD for treating a number of skin conditions. 

Below we outline 5 common skin conditions that can be treated with CBD oil and topicals: 


Eczema is a skin condition that leads to itchy and dry skin. It can be a very uncomfortable, irritating, and painful condition. Itchy bumps called hives may appear on the skin, as well as fluid-filled blisters. It’s a condition that affects about 10% of Americans. 

Eczema can negatively impact sleep, significantly compromise quality of life, and contribute to low self-esteem. 

While there is no cure, many people are finding that CBD has been shown to help in managing the condition.

According to researchers at the University of Colorado, CBD can be used as a natural alternative to steroids. (Steroid cream is the most common way of treating eczema, but they have mixed results). One of the leading researchers, Dr. Robert Dellavalle, said, “There’s a large segment of the population that doesn’t like using steroids, even if they are topical steroids on their skin. CBD could be an alternative, natural product for them to try.”

Peter Lio, clinical assistant professor of dermatology and pediatrics at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and the founding director of the Chicago Integrative Eczema Center added, “I think topical CBD is a very promising treatment for eczema; in theory, it could decrease itch, pain and inflammation. In the correct vehicle, it could also help heal the skin barrier.”


Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S. that affects people of all backgrounds and ages. It can occur when the pores of the skin become blocked with excessive oil (sebum), dead skin, or bacteria. 

There’s a big market out there for acne products: some people opt for drugstore brands to help treat acne, while others are willing to shell out money for a visit to the dermatologist to get rid of the pesky problem. No matter which treatment you choose, the results are always mixed. 

Enter CBD. 

CBD is a rising player in this market: it has minimal side effects; it’s considered safe (as concluded by WHO); and best of all: it can effectively treat acne. How does it work? The sebaceous glands (glands found on the skin) and hair follicles contain CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors communicate with the nervous system to trigger a number of events. One of the most important ‘triggers’ is that it reduces inflammation. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can effectively reduce the visible inflammation of acne, as well as inhibit excessive oil secretion (a main cause of acne). 


Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin disease that causes skin cells to grow and divide at an accelerated rate. Psoriasis symptoms include red patches of skin, cracked skin, and swollen and stiff joints -- these symptoms can appear anywhere on the body. 

While there is no cure for psoriasis, there are a number of therapies used to mitigate some of the visible symptoms. CBD is becoming one of the more popular ways to treat psoriasis as it has shown to manage outbreaks and decelerate the growth of skin cells. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also help soothe the skin when psoriasis flare-ups occur. 


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that commonly occurs among people with fair skin. Symptoms of rosacea include persistent redness, swollen red bumps, and dry, irritated eyes. 

On top of being painful, rosacea, like the other skin conditions, can also be a source of anxiety and low self-esteem for those experiencing it. 

While there is no known cure for rosacea, there are ways to manage it. The most common way to manage it is through steroidal creams or gels. These gels and creams often bring mixed results, and can have a wide range of adverse effects, especially when taken over a long period of time. 

Due to CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help visibly decrease redness and inflammation. A 2013 study conducted by the University of Bonn, Germany, found that CBD can help decrease symptoms of allergy-induced inflammation as well. For the researchers, this was confirmation needed to develop “future strategies that use cannabinoids in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases” including rosacea. 


While it’s not a skin condition, aging does affect us all. It’s a natural part of life, though many still try to turn back the hands of time. While we can’t reverse aging, there are ways to mitigate the appearance of aging on the skin. 

Due to CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it may actually help prevent the appearance of aging in the skin. The antioxidants stabilize and counteract the damage caused by free radicals on the skin. CBD can reduce visible signs of aging, including wrinkles and redness.

CBD: A Powerful Compound for Good Skin Health  

CBD is jam-packed full of properties that are good for you and your skin. Be sure to talk with your doctor before using any CBD products - even topical ones - as it may interact with certain medications. We also recommend you select products that have undergone rigorous testing, because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not currently regulate CBD products. 

If you’re still not sure where to start, we have a recommendation for you.

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