Love Spell CBD Bath Bomb -3pk

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Love Spell CBD Bath Bomb -3pk

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Love Spell - Our CBD Bath Bomb for deep relaxation

You deserve to start your day strong and finish your evenings off stress-free and relaxed. If only if it were easier done than said. We can relate to anyone with trouble winding down after another day of challenges and triumphs. Making time for self-care not only benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally but inspires how you approach the oncoming days ahead- with confidence and ambition. Self-care is self-love.

We introduce you to Love Spell, our 3-pk CBD-infused Bath Bombs created by the hands of our devoted Orenda product team. Fall in love with your routine by adding this relaxing bath bomb during your evening or morning bathe to help soothe skin ailments, moisturize your dry skin and decompress your tense body. 

Our special blend of CBD isolate, Epsom salts, and organic essential oils work like a dream team to bring you an experience that your body craves - pure relaxation and nourishment, all at the same time. Epsom salts are known to be used to reduce stress build-up by boosting blood circulation within the body, exfoliate and soothe the skin all while relieving muscle and joint pain.

Now infuse that with lab-tested CBD isolate and turn the pain relief level up a notch. CBD isolate is known for its analgesic properties that help with pain and swelling including arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches, sore muscles, and psoriasis. 

The use of organic essential oils such as lavender and chamomile naturally provides an aromatherapy-based approach to stimulate the senses and add a deeper sense of relaxation during your wind-down soak. 

We believe in creating wellness products with the highest quality, cruelty-free ingredients that are 100% plant-based, natural, and blended with the intentions for other human beings in mind- helping Canadians regain a healthy, and active lifestyle.

Sizes available for our Luxurious Butter:

Love Spell  is available in 100 milligrams of CBD (per bath bomb)

Product Dimensions x 3 units: 

Height 0.98”, Diameter 2.99 ”, Weight 123g

Dosage and Directions:

Run a warm bath to your desired level and gently drop the bath bomb into the tub. Wait until the product dissolves into the water and stir in the rest with your hands. Step into the tub, sit down, lay back, and experience relaxation in its “truest” form. 

Ingredients and Benefits:

CBD Isolate - The purest form of CBD. This CBD does not stimulate a high, unlike its counterpart THC. There is no risk of psychoactive effects. Using CBD for inflammation will help alleviate the pain that resides deep in your sore muscles and tender joints by reducing swelling and tightness. CBD demonstrates several benefits, including topical pain relief, reduction of inflamed muscles, and the easing of anxiety. 

Arrowroot Powder - A gluten-free root vegetable that is used for flours in baking and as a thickening agent in products. It is rich in B-vitamins, is beneficial for the growth and development of the body, and exhibits cytotoxic activities that can promote and boost immune function.

Epsom Salts- Also known as Magnesium Sulfate, these bath salts are created when mineral water is boiled down and contains the chemical compounds of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. For many years Epsom salts have been used to treat a variety of ailments from insomnia to chronic pain. 

Natural Baking Soda- An all-around natural powder used to whiten teeth, relieve sunburns, and relieve itchy skin. It is made by mixing hydrogen, oxygen with sodium and carbon. 

Lavender Essential Oil- A well-known oil commonly used in aromatherapy practices benefiting the individual using it by helping promote a night of restful sleep,  alleviate bad moods, and act as a natural disinfectant to fungus and bacteria. 

Marjoram Essential Oil - This sweet essential oil is packed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-aging properties. It allows your skin to absorb more vital nutrients such as Vitamin C and improve blood flow and collagen production. 

Citric acid -  A natural stabilizer used to preserve medicines found in a variety of citrus fruits such as limes, grapefruits, oranges, and was originally known to be first derived from lemons. 

MCT Coconut Oil - MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride is a type of saturated fat that helps aid your body’s healthy fat absorption, ease inflammation, and can be used for weight loss when taken orally. It is originally sourced from raw coconut and palm oil through a process called fractioning. 

Bentonite Clay - An oil and dirt absorbing natural clay that is widely used in a variety of facial and beauty products for its ability to remove toxins from the body and treat a variety of skin problems including acne, rashes, and allergic reactions. 

Witch Hazel - Through distillation of the Witch Hazel shrub’s bark, leaves, and twigs, a liquid is used orally or topically to reduce inflammation, skin irritations, and acne. It is a natural astringent that has been used in the health and beauty industry for years.

Vanilla Essential Oil - A calming oil derived from the Vanilla orchid plant used to promote relaxation, improve sleep quality, relieves PMS symptoms all while boosting skin and hair health thanks to its significant source of B vitamins.

Jojoba Oil - Sourced and extracted from the Jojoba seed, Jojoba oil greatly benefits the skin by moisturizing and acting as a humectant (helps seal a protective barrier on skin) that reduces the amount of moisture your skin naturally loses throughout the day.

Hemp Oil - Produced by the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, the Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, nutrients, and non-comedogenic properties making it suitable for use on the face and body. The seeds do not contain the same levels of compounds as the Cannabis plant itself. 

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