5 Gift Ideas To Introduce Your Mom to CBD for Mother's Day 2021

5 Gift Ideas To Introduce Your Mom to CBD for Mother's Day 2021

Give the gift of CBD to your mom this Mother’s Day. 

CBD-infused products are everywhere – and for good reason. CBD can help reduce anxiety, cure insomnia, reduce chronic pain and joint pain, relieve arthritis, the list goes on. CBD is a must for any self-care routine, and we know the mom in your life will be grateful for it. 

There are so many CBD products to choose from today – it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help you narrow down your choices and save you time trawling the web, we put together a list of CBD-infused gift ideas. 

Here are 5 picks to help the mom in your life rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

CBD-Infused Pain Cooling Gel

Relief Cooling Gel

This pain cooling gel is number one on the list. Why? The reviews say it all. It’s a fast-acting, all-natural, cooling gel that soothes sore muscles, aches, joint pain, and a number of other ailments. The company behind this cooling gel is a Canadian family-run wellness company called Orenda Botanicals. All of their products are 100% natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

To use the gel, all you have to do is massage a quarter-size amount of the gel directly to your sore spots, and you get instant pain relief that lasts hours. It’s a non-greasy gel that has a refreshing, invigorating minty scent to boot. The gel is described as ‘Canada’s favourite CBD pain relief cream’ and the 5-star reviews prove it. It is a must-have for all the hard working moms out there who work tirelessly day in and out. 

The gel comes in four different sizes. You can also order the 100ml size with either 500mg or 1000mg of CBD. 

Vegan CBD Gummies

Vegan AF gummies

CBD gummies can be hit or miss. There are tons of CBD gummies out there, so your mileage may vary depending on which one you choose to try. But these vegan CBD gummies are sure to get your mom’s seal of approval. Not only are they infused with CBD to calm the mind, but they’re also packed with vitamins D3 and B12 – and they’re vegan to boot. The gummies come in lemon, tangerine, lime, and cherry flavours. They’re soft to chew, and they’re sugar coated, so they may taste like a treat, but they’re good for the mind and the body, too. Each gummy has 10mg of CBD. These colourful, flavour-packed gummies are a great way to introduce your mom to CBD. She’ll feel just like a kid – and she’ll fit in her daily vitamin needs, too. 

CBD Bath Kit

Rosebud CBD bath kit

With the pandemic still ongoing, your mom will likely be celebrating another Mother’s Day at home. Treat your mom to an at-home spa day with this luxurious CBD bath kit. The kit includes a CBD bath soak of your choice, a candle, and a dry brush. It also comes with a lovely cotton carry all bag so your mom can easily store the products for safe keeping.

The best part? All the candles and bath soaks are handmade with the finest ingredients. You can pick between three different scents from both the candle and bath soak. Each bath soak has 50mg of CBD, and is made up of magnesium rich Epsom salts, and a unique blend of essential oils that will melt away built-up tension and rejuvenate the soul. The dry brush also helps increase blood circulation and promote lymph flow, so your mom will come out of the spa feeling refreshed, relaxed, and pampered. 

CBD Face Mask

CBD Face Mask

Want to add a little something extra to your mom’s at-home spa day? Get her this luxurious face mask that is sure to melt away stress and soothe the skin. These uniquely designed CBD-infused face masks are packed with all the right ingredients, including vitamin C, aloe, and algae that are sure to brighten, moisturize, and nourish the skin.

Even better: these masks are also vegan and never tested on animals. Every mask contains 50mg of CBD. You can buy a single mask, or a five-pack so your mom can have a few  extras on hand for those stressful days.

TheraTreats Chocolate Edibles

TheraTreats CBD Chocolate

Last, but not least: Ther-a-peutic provides delectable chocolate treats that will surely satisfy your mom’s sweet tooth. The company exclusively partners with organic suppliers so every chocolate bar is made with the best, high quality ingredients. These chocolate bars are great for the health-conscious mom who is also seeking the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Their sweet product line, TheraTreats, has a number of different decadent flavours, from pomegranate vanilla bean to peach hazelnut, so everyone will find something they like. Can’t decide on just one flavour? Grab a couple different flavours for your mom. Trust us, she will thank you for it. 

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